Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shallow or swallow?

Dear Friends,

So, what will you be doing in 2014? Please check out the below given link, an interesting flash clip: communication in 2014?

[Somebody of the integral university had pointed me to the flash clip after which I straight away shared it with some other friends and colleagues involved in information and communication. One of these, even told me to start a blog on it (which I hereby officially open).]

The clip shows a possible scenario about where we are going. Indeed, it has an interesting ending as one of my ex-colleagues rightly pointed out: "much of it is shallow.. trivia.. but it is what we wanted. a commercial success." Well, 2014 is also one year before we are supposed to have reached our Millennium Development Goals and if the epic turns out to be true, we will not be able to implement the plans of Jeffrey Sachs. However, are we indeed shallow? We are aware that there are some interesting other communication related initiatives going on. What about Andrew Cohen and his enlightened communication? Enlightened communication groups are revealing a miraculous new form of dialogue and contemplation and creating an entirely new basis for human relationship. When any of us are willing to become more interested in what we don't yet know than in what we already know, suddenly all limitations fall away, awakening within us the power and presence of our inherently free Authentic Self. This expanded consciousness beyond ego opens the door to the experience of a "higher mind," a capacity for collective inquiry that reaches far deeper than what any individual could typically accomplish alone. Is there still hope? Can we still be free as a bird?